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Data Recovery

Computer Repair

Is your computer sick with viruses or worms? Is it running slower than mud? Does it crash or freeze up or shut down all by itself?

Well, now you don't have to put up with that ailing computer. For as little as $150 we can restore your computer to its original glory (or better) and put you and your computer out of misery. And all without using a sledgehammer, chainsaw, or exorcist.

Here's what we do for just $150:

  1. Remove all viruses, trojans, and worms
  2. Remove all spyware and adware
  3. Install all critical updates for your operating system
  4. Reconfigure your system to operate faster and more efficiently
  5. Diagnose any hardware problems
  6. Install antivirus and anti-spyware software that really WORKS!
  7. Make hardware and software recommendations to improve your system for your particular computing needs


If the computers at your office, business, or home aren't on a local area network (LAN), you may not be realizing the full potential of your computers and their resources (printers, hard disk storage, etc.). With a LAN, printers can be shared by everyone on the network. Data files can be shared between networked computers too.

Are your computers in different rooms? No problem. We can set up a wireless network if running cables isn't feasible or impossible.

We can set up your home or office network starting at only $150 plus the cost of any hardware needed (cables, network adapters, and routers). We're experts at setting up both peer-to-peer and client/server networks with Windows 7, 8, 10, and Windows 2003-16 Server. Need a secure connection between your home or mobile computers and those at your office? We can set up secure VPN connections too.

Data Recovery

Has your computer crashed along with all of your valuable data? Irreplaceable photos, documents, music, videos, and more may be salvageable by letting 808 Computers attempt data recovery from a variety of storage media. Laptop and desktop hard-drives, USB flash drives, and even camera memory cards. We utilize powerful data recovery tools and techniques capable of salvaging data from corrupted or damaged drives. You have nothing to lose with our "No Fix No Fee" policy.

Surveillance Systems

Our all-digital systems are easy to use, require no tapes, and best of all, you can monitor your residence or business property from anywhere with a computer with Internet access.

We are experts at digital security and surveillance camera installations and have installed many systems for business in the Kona area. Whether or not you already have a security camera system in place, you really cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to see a live demo of our systems at work. Learn why you need to have a system if you don't already, or learn why you need to upgrade your analog tape-driven system to one of our all-digital, state-of-the-art, Internet-ready systems.

Call us at (808) 331-1808 for a live demonstration and details on our digital surveillance systems today.

Custom Systems

Our made-to-order systems come with a one year warranty on parts and labor. They also come with our phone number so you call us whenever there's a problem or a question you need answered. No talking to someone in Malaysia or India after being put on hold for an hour. No packaging parts to ship off for exchange. At 808 Computers, we thrive on 100% customer satisfaction.

Need a RAID backup? No problem. Need huge amounts of disk storage? No problem. Tell us what your needs (or wants) are and we'll gladly tell you what we can put together for you and how quickly you can get it.



What's New at 808 Computers?

In the rapidly evolving and ever-changing world of computers and technology, 808 Computers prides itself in keeping on top of the latest hardware and software trends. Whether it be new virus removal techniques and products, or servicing the latest and greatest hardware components, we make sure to do our homework and stay current so as to provide the best service possible.